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Difficult times are not pleasant but they are interesting. Covered under emotions, such as fear, stress and confusion, there is something that demands our attention.  The more we resist this, the stronger the field of tension becomes. Then when we find out that our defenses are not working as well anymore, we can get stuck.

“But this can also open the way to something new…”
“Because what your problem is, that is where your strength lies…”

In an atmosphere of acceptance and trust, we work together to get an overview of your complaints. By becoming aware of what that inner being wants to make clear to you, you will understand the symptoms better. 

This awareness of your unconscious processes creates more space in your being and this can open a gate in finding your own, autonomous, unique authentic way.

In this inner exploration I can join you as an ally, with the know-how of analytical therapy.

VDK Training

Motivational coaching:
Create a Champion’s mindset.

Mental motivation coaching is a form of personal guidance where the focus is on your thoughts and mindset. Mental strength plays a more important role in this form of coaching than physical strength.

With a past as a professional soldier, top athlete, independent entrepreneur, I work with techniques of analytical coaching, behavioral therapy, visualization techniques, hypnotherapy, sports psychology and is result-oriented.

Are you curious how this works, look for more info on training.

Please contact us for an introductory meeting.

VDK Therapy

Analytical therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which the analysis of the unconscious is central. Attention is therefore mainly focused on the content of your unconscious, because it has been shown that more than 90% of human behavior is driven by that unconscious.

This process of self-development is the process by which an individual integrates many aspects of the psyche to become himself. Light and dark, each of these powers should be honored. It is a process where a person becomes aware of his uniqueness, of what distinguishes him from the collectivity. This is called the individuation process.

This method was developed by C.G Jung and other psychoanalysts
Are you curious how this works, please feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting.

over mij

About me

My name is Jim Van Den Kieboom

born in february 1975
father of  3 children

independent entrepreneur, yoga teacher and
graduated as an Analytical Therapist at the Jungian Institute for Depth Psychology in Nijmegen.

VDK Training & Therapy is affiliated with the Jungian Association for Analytical Therapy.
Membership number: 20004

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VDK Training Therapy

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